UPDATE: If you’d like to continue to be involved in the process or provide further comments, the Planning Inspectorate is currently inviting the public to register to become an Interested Party by making a Relevant Representation on its website here. Any comments you wish to provide in the current phase of their consultation must be made before 23:59 on 12th February 2019 and must be submitted via the Planning Inspectorate rather than this website.

Our application for a Development Consent Order to construct the proposed Riverside Energy Park was accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate on 14th December 2018. The application documents will be made available by the Planning Inspectorate on their website. Find out more about the project timeline here.

Our proposals for Riverside Energy Park represent a huge step forward when it comes to meeting London’s waste management and energy generation needs.

London is facing a significant capacity gap in its ability to dispose of and treat all of its waste. Over two million tonnes of London’s waste is currently either landfilled or sent overseas.

The new Energy Park is an important part of the solution representing a huge step forward when it comes to meeting London’s waste management and energy generation infrastructure needs.

By employing a range of green technologies which are proven at scale - such as energy recovery, solar, anaerobic digestion, battery storage and combined heat and power infrastructure - we will be able to expand our ability to generate and provide clean, low carbon renewable energy to London’s homes and businesses.

In doing this, we will allow a lot more non-recyclable waste to be treated within London for the benefit of London. This will complement recycling, minimise landfill, take lorries off the roads and create new jobs.

This website details our proposals and explains the process we will be following to help this vision become a reality.

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