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UPDATE: We have now submitted our application for a Development Consent Order to the Planning Inspectorate to construct the proposed Riverside Energy Park. Thank you to everyone who provided responses to us during consultations. These have been taken into account in our application.

The Inspectorate has 28 days from Friday 16th November to decide whether to accept the application. If the application is accepted, the application documents will be made available by the Planning Inspectorate on their website. If you’d like to be kept informed on the application process, you can register to receive email updates on the Riverside Energy Park page of the Planning Inspectorate’s website here.

If the Secretary of State grants development consent for Riverside Energy Park, we expect to start construction in 2021 so that the proposed Energy Park can be generating electricity and heat for London’s homes and treating more of London’s waste by 2024.

  • 1

    November 2017 (Complete)

    Project launched
  • 2

    January 2018 (Complete)

    Environmental scoping advice received from Planning Inspectorate
  • 3

    Spring 2018 (Complete)

    Public consultation
  • 4

    18th June to 30th July (Complete)

    Public consultation
  • 5

    31st July to 7th September (Complete)

    Update on proposed application
  • 6

    End of 2018 (Underway)

    Application submitted. Planning Inspectorate to consider application for acceptance by 14th December.
  • 7

    Spring / Summer 2019

    Examination of application
  • 8

    Spring 2020

    Decision from Secretary of State
  • 9


    Construction begins
  • 10


    Riverside Energy Park becomes fully operational
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Project Timeline
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